The father lion showed maternal sentiments to his son despite wild norms

A really sweet occasion happened at the zoo

A small lion was born named Kreme and his mother was already an old lady at that moment. And seven months later the lioness passed away.

In the wild it is known, that only lioness take care of their babies, males have no duties in raising them. The zoo staff were perplexed about how would the baby survive. But happily Kreme’s father immediately reacted.

The baby used to cuddle close to his mother, but now he started to get close to his father. The father began cleaning, cuddling and showing attention to his baby.

The staff of the zoo were absolutely happy, that the father lion named Willow agreed to take care of his son. The staff could raise him on their own, but they were fortunate, that the father demonstrated maternal instincts.

The lion father and his son were inseparable for months and Willow was were strong and composed when it was needed. Isn’t it adorable?

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