Sensing no danger the mother dog approached her puppies and started smelling them

The touching reunion of a frightened mother and her puppies

An animal rescue group received a call reporting a litter of puppies leftover on the side of the road. Happily soon they were discovered and brought back together.

The story of the puppies became popular on the Internet and many people recognised them. They were abandoned by their neighbour and also their mother suffered a lit before they were split up.

The caring volunteers saved the puppies and the mother dog was watching from the yard all the time, but was afraid to approach. So the people considered to left the puppies inside the open trunk of the car wishing, that the dog would get them.

After the touching reunion all of them were taken to the shelter. The mother dog approached the puppies and started smelling them as she wanted to make sure they were her babies.

The whole family will receive loving homes after being treated and cared for.

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