The caring dog adopted the kitten and even gave her milk

Amazing situation happened with different species of animals 

This story is about a dog named Golden, who adopted kittens as her own and took care of them. People, who found the little dog called the animal rescue facility.

When the experts arrived they considered the dog was caught in a hole, but then they realised Golden was protecting them. And also when one of the workers of the company named Michaela Watts went to assist the puppy she discovered there two animals.

There was an amazing situation. The kitty was seen drinking milk from the dog and refusing to  let go of her.

These two animals were taken to the vet and underwent all the needed examinations. The dog continued to look after the kitten.

These two sweet animals soon found their new homes. Golden now lives with her foster and the kitten is healthy thanks to the dog’s efforts. And special thanks to people, who cared for them.

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