Veterinarians suggested owner put her pet down for his illness, but she had a better idea

The «Baby grow» method keeps this puppy alive

Pepper is a funny and playful puppy, who was born with a rare illness because of which his skin has become sensitive and flexible, blistering and tearing at the slightest contact.

After examining him, the vets offered his owner Nicola Galpin to put him down when he was just a few weeks old, but she refused to do it, thinking that giving him baby care would protect his skin from danger.

Pepper was just a child and she had a long way to go in life, so putting her down would be inhumane.

The poor puppy has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which makes his skin stretchy and prone to eczema. Dogs with such disease pass away in their puppyhood, but thanks to his owner’s great efforts and wonderful idea, he is now alive.

Nicola decided to give him a baby care, which included keeping his body warm and protected at all times. So she started collecting baby clothes from her friends and relatives, and as a result, the puppy now has different types of clothes which he can wear in different seasons.

Pepper continues to enjoy his life with his beloved owner. He is very active and energetic. Thanks to his mother’s big love and support, he has everything he needs to be happy.

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