In spite of his small size, the kitten behaved himself like a real fighter and had success

With a small body, but with a strong will!

Billie, a shelter volunteer, was shocked to hear about a three weeks old rescued kitten who was only 98 gram. She was offered to take care of the cutie, because he really needed assistance.

The tiny creature was abandoned by her own mother just after his birth. Billie and her family had to feed him with bottle and keep a close eye on him all day long. They did their best to provide him with everything he needed.

Although he is small in size, he has big eyes instead, which are really stunning. After living with his new owners for some time, the catty adapted to his new environment and began to enjoy every moment spent with his beloved family.

He adores to cuddle his humans and fill their lives with love and happiness.

He is a real fighter and thanks to his strong will and bravery, he is now completely healthy. He is a loving pet and is devoted to his owners with all his heart.

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