A beautiful snow white surprise appeared out of nowhere

The lucky photographer managed to capture a lot of wild animals in the highlands

A photographer named Adam Nordsveen travelled to Norway to find some places for his vacation album and suddenly he came across a snow white animal in the highlands.

The beautiful animal was so white, that it was almost impossible to discover it in the snow. Happily the little deer was very friendly and sociable and agreed to pose for some adorable photos.

Soon the fawn’s mother appeared from the jungle and was looking for her baby. The little animal circled the photographer for a little before going to his mother. This situation was like an amazing experience and a Christmas fairy tale.

Usually this white reindeer are just a few in the nature as they lack dark pigment, which helps them to be undetectable in the snow. They also have dark patterns on their antlers and around their eyes.

After visiting Norway the photographer appeared to see many wild animals, such as a lynx and a pack of wolves. He appeared to have nice photos with such adorable animals.

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