The sweetest sisters look so wonderful together, especially when they pose for creative pictures

The two furry sisters enjoy their modelling lives together

Cees Bol and Hanneke are lucky enough to have such adorable pets, who are internet stars. Their wonderful photos attract the whole world, where they pose in different interesting situations.

The couple decided to always take photos of them when they saw how people reacted when their photos were first shared on social media.

One of them is Sophie, who was adopted by the couple many years ago and was their first pet. Later the second one Sarah joined them and they became loving sisters.

Now these beauties are inseparable and never leave each other’s side. They spend all day together and can’t imagine their lives apart.

In their fantastic photos they are in different parks, on the beach, at home, in forests and wherever they feel comfortable.

They look like twins and always remain in the centre of people’s attention. They like their modelling lives and never hesitate to pose for interesting photos.

The owners enjoy to capture them everywhere, because they know that people love them and wait for a new post each day.

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