The fat Chihuahua managed to lose weight thanks to the great support of his friend, and, of course, a strong diet

Few believe he is the same dog

This cute Chihuahua spent the beginning of his life with an old man and his two siblings. Unfortunately, his previous owner passed away, leaving the three puppies all alone.

They were taken to a shelter, because it would be challenging for them to stay outside without any support.

Once a kind woman named Carla came to the shelter to pick out a pet, she spotted the cute pup and fell in love with him at once. But the chihuahua was overweight and it was obvious that he had health problems.

The woman’s first step was taking him to a vet for checkup. After passing through some examination, it turned out that he had thyroid illness.

The doggie fist needed to keep a strong diet, because his fatness disturbed him to have a full life.

Although the owner did her best to follow all the vet’s requirements and the puppy managed to lose much weight in two months, he never succeeded if his best friend didn’t support him.

The large dog, who shares the house with the little chihuahua, made him run and jump all day long. They played, walked and just had fun together and it helped the fat doggie became thinner and healthier.

Now this sweetie doesn’t need to walk heavily as he is quite skinny and strong. He is strongly connected to his pal and they both enjoy their lives with their beloved owner.

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