This sweet dog made a great record by having 22 puppies, which amazed not only the vets, but also the whole world

The record number of the pups’ birth was unexpected

Australian vets got surprised to see a dog giving birth to 22 puppies. It was shocking for all of them, because they had expected her to have only 12. However, the rest decided to surprise them with their arrival.

The name of our today’s hero is Shein. She struggled till the end, giving life to all her babies. During the process she stayed under the strong care of the vets and was provided with medical care and all the necessary things she needed to feel calm.

It lasted only 40 minutes, and all the 22 puppies were by her side. Fortunately, now Shein lives in a foster family with her babies and is provided with everything she needs. She was given a big chance to take care of her newborn puppies in a warm and comfortable place.

Now this wonderful family feels great and is surrounded with kind and caring people. The vets keep a close eye on them to be sure that everything was ok with them.

Fortunately, they all are healthy and strong, so after becoming old enough, they will be put for adoption.

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