The family went to the shelter with the intention of picking out a pet, but there they encountered a big problem

Intending for one but returning with two

Meet Lucy and Louie, two inseparable friends, who first met each other at the shelter and since the first day of their meeting they share a strong bond.

They are together all day and night, and can’t imagine their lives separately.

One day a couple came to the shelter with the intention of adopting a puppy, but instead they came back home with two cats.

Because they worked from morning till evening, they changed their mind of picking out a dog, as it would be challenging for the poor creature to stay alone at home all day, because canines demand much more care and attention than others.

They made a final decision to adopt a kitten. When the woman saw Lucy, she loved her at once. But they came across a big problem. Lucy was not alone and she couldn’t be separated from her beloved one.

Seeing this, the family had to adopt both of them, and it was the best decision ever.

When the two felines arrived at their new home, they were so happy and satisfied to get a chance to continue living together and sharing a strong bond.

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