A lost kitty was found by the volunteers and received a new home

The new life of a pregnant kitty found inside the building 

Anya recently lost her beloved cat. She and her husband considered to adopt her from the shelter, when they understood they needed a kitty. She visited the shelter’s Facebook page and saw Mina there.

She had entered inside one of the buildings to warm up when the volunteers saw her there. Just by looking at her it becomes clear, that she was at home and had gone when they learned about her pregnancy

After several operations the kitty was taken to the shelter, where her videos and photos were shared and her family soon came to take her. So Mina discovered a new home.

It is also surprising, that Mina didn’t need time to get used to. She immediately accepted the owners and started living in the house as if she had lived all her life there.

It was obvious, that Mina was overjoyed to be home as she began to walk about the new apartment purring with happiness. And we are happy, that such a loving home was discovered for the kitty.

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