A long legged kitty was suggested to start a modeling career

A kitty with a unique appearance gained a lot of attention 

Another unusual animal has attracted people’s attention. This time everyone was captured by an Australian kitty with unusually long legs. A photo of a kitty named Uavo has gained over 69000 likes on Reddit.

Many people suggested that the long legged kitty start a modeling career resembling her to the famous figure of Salvador Dali’s works, Slenderman.

Uavo’s photo was first shared on one of the shelter’s official facebook page. After having finished caring for another kitten, the cat was searching for a caring home.

And it became known, that Uavo moved into a new home in the Peth city. People recommended the kitty’s owner to open an Internet account for a kitty with unusually long legs. Isn’t the kitty adorable? Animals can always love and be loved because of who they are, bit just how they appear to be.


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