Now it’s time to enjoy the sweetest friendship between a friendly dog and cute rabbits

It’s the most adorable friendship you’ve ever seen!

There is nothing more wonderful than seeing how a puppy takes care of little bunnies.

Finn, the three months old sweet dog, lives with his loving owner and four rabbits and shares a lot of unforgettable moments with them. They are loyal friends and don’t imagine their lives separately.

Their owner is glad to have such wonderful pets, who are very loving and caring towards each other. These cuties know each other for a long tome, so their bond is really strong.

The woman claims that these beauties will stay inseparable till the end of their lives because they have the world’s closest friendship.

They spread joy and happiness around and no one remains indifferent about them. They are famous on social media, too, and a great number of people enjoy to watch their fascinating photos.

Finn is very attentive towards the bunnies and is ready to protect them from any danger. They are happy to have such a loving brother, who never leaves their side.

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