An old puppy has changed into an unendingly happy puppy

A sweet adoption story of a deaf puppy

A puppy named Sink spent his whole life living on the streets of Los Angeles. And when he became 12 years old he was too old. Sink was adopted for two years by different families, but was always returned to the shelter.

And the shelter staff couldn’t understand why he is always returned. But one day the dog was fortunate. The puppy’s new owner named Marina looked over the website although she had no purpose of adopting a dog.

But after seeing Sink she understood it was her perfect dog. Marina told, that the puppy had sad eyes and she considered he would be next to her in any case.

And after moving to a new house it took Sink several months to get used to the new place.

And finally he received some medical assistance. And he began to feel different. And he finally smiled! He has become an unendingly happy dog.

They mede a special clothing for him that reads: «deaf dog» to show people he can’t hear when someone is coming.

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