The baby flamingo attempts to look like an adult

The amusing attempts of a baby flamingo to mature

Growing up is a hard process which transforms life, causing many changes and problems. This can understand those who have previously gone through the purported “transition phase”.

Although growing up seems easy in the eyes of children. And so they always want to grow up as soon as possible. The little flamingo living at the refuge is showing amusing strong signs of its desire to grow up.

From the time he was a little baby, he spent all of his time trying to become an adult flamingo. As he wants to become older he spreads out his long legs, balances on one, falls and tries again.

And everyone who saw the baby’s attempts are amused by them. And one of the groups even shared this imagine on their Facebook page with the following caption:

The National Aviary staff and tourists could only exclaim «Wow, wow, what a baby».

The baby is adored not only for its strong will, but also long and gorgeous legs. What an adorable baby.

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