A little chipmunk was fascinated with the cat’s fur and made friends with it

A brave little creature eagerly went to the kitty to get to know him

The chipmunk understands how hard it is to withstand the fascination of a kitty. A courageous small animal fearlessly went up to the cat in the backyard of a reddit user named Goldguy.

And the man shared some photos and commented them: «My cat befriended with a tiny creature». The cat lay down to demonstrate his lack of venom and it made the chipmunk come closer.

The chipmunk happily climbed up to the cat’s back and eagerly laid down in his hair, making a sweet new friend. The courageous small animal saw the kitty in the backyard and considered to make friends with it.

He immediately understood, that the cat was very sociable and courageous to come closer. And when he understood the kitty was also eager to befriend him he did the first step.

And he was enough fearless, that he climbed up to the kitty’s fur and relaxed himself there. So an adorable friendship was formed. What an adorable story.

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