The puppy’s enthusiasm is always the same when the owner returns from somewhere she had gone

A delighted dog, that doesn’t know what to do out of joy

Anyone, who has a pet in the house would agree, that its a big happiness coming back from work to see your pet’s reaction. The dog’s enthusiasm doesn’t change no matter you have been gone for two minutes, two hours or two days.

They are happy, that you are back. It’s an adorable thing to see your dog wagging its tail and then getting licks after a hard day. They are overjoyed to meet you even if you just went to the shop.

In a popular video a new pet owner understands what it’s like to return home to a delighted dog. Probably your dog will be waiting at the front door before you even open it as they have good hearing.

And when the door begins to open he starts to wag his tail even more quickly. And then he sees the owner. The puppy was delighted and didn’t know how to react.

Rather running towards its owner, it just dances and jumps out of joy. This puppy clearly wants to play after a hard day.

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