The whole village stood by a couple, who needed a lot of money for their dog’s surgery

What kind and generous people!

Once when a couple named Siouxie and Richard Nelson was informed that the life of their beloved dog Alice was in danger because of a serious heart problem, they were highly depressed. The vet said that the dog would live only a few days and the main solution was the surgery, which cost £3680.

Because the owners didn’t have money for the surgery, they posted his story on social media and began to collect money for his treatment. After a few hours, the story went viral and excited thousands of people.

Especially their friends and relatives joined in the contribution and after a short time, they managed to collect $2000.

Now Alice is healthy and strong and continues to have a happy life with his beloved owners. The couple was so excited to see him in an excellent condition and were grateful to those who gave the second life to the sweet dog.

Even after the surgery, people continued to donate money for Alice’s treatment, but his parents gave the money to treat another helpless dog who also needed urgent surgery.

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