A stray kitten was transformed thanks to a kind man, who saved his life

A cutie, who looked for caring owners by himself 

This sweet kitty is named Minnie. He was a homeless kitten, who lived on the Cairo’s streets and had only one eye. And a man named David discovered the kitty and there was no mother nearby and he was in an awful condition.

Minnie was all alone and the man considered to assist. He called the animal rescue centre and the staff agreed to look after the kitty.

And from that moment Davit began looking after the kitty, he brought the kitty home and fed.

Soon the kitty fully transformed. The kitty came on may 31 after a travel lasting 15 hours. One of the volunteers told, that he was a cute and adorable kitty.

His only wish was being covered with love. She just spent two days with their neighbours and already knows who they are. The kitty is looking for a new owner and a new loving home in their neighbourhood. And happily this story has a happy ending. We want to thank a caring man, who helped Minnie.

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