The mother dog felt relaxed after being confident for both her and her babies’ security

A sweet dog family, that were able to find a foster home 

A puppy named Melodia was taken to the animal shelter in Texas last month. Nobody knew the previous life of the puppy before entering the shelter. But her condition made it obvious, that the puppy’s owners didn’t take care for her.

But soon it was obvious, that Melodia would find it hard to escape the situation she was in. Melodia had recently delivered ten sweet puppies and appeared in the shelter with them.

Although she was very easy going Melodia made sure her puppies had plenty to eat. When animal rights activists learned about her story they immediately considered to assist. Their Facebook post about her helped to find a foster family.

She absolutely changed after entering into her new family. She felt confident for both her and her puppies’ security.

Her puppies turned out to be really cute, healthy and adorable. The animal rescue centre managed to save the puppy, but sadly there are many such animals.

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