Thanks to her strong maternal instinct, the mother cat has ensured a bright future for her kittens

Such a promising future!

There is nothing stronger than the maternal instinct, both in the animal world and in humanity. Mothers are the ones who know what their little ones need and do what they can to make sure their lives are safe and protected.

Ally is such a loving mother, who decided to make her kittens’ lives better, so she took them to a place where they would feel safe and happy.

They came in front of a house hoping that someone would notice them. When the owner saw them in his yard, he immediately connected to a rescue group.

When the staff arrived, they discovered something amazing. It turned out that the catty was pregnant and she needed human care and support.

The rescuers found a foster home for the catty where she would stay for a while until would give birth and then would be adopted by a forever family.

Her foster mom Monica was very attentive towards the future mother and provided her with everything she needed. Ally enjoyed to cuddle her human and asked for more attention from her.

When she gave birth, Monica discovered that she is a really caring mother, because she never left her kittens’ side and took care of them perfectly.

All the five babies were healthy and lucky enough to have such a loving mother, who spent most of her day petting and cuddling them.

Luckily both the mother and all the kittens got adopted by caring families and found their happiness.

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