The staff didn’t understand why no one wanted to adopt this amazing dog, but the end was good

What a fate!

Meet Jello, a cute and loving dog, who stayed at the shelter for two years and the staff did its best to find a forever home for him.

No one wanted to adopt Jello and it was very surprising for the workers, because he is very loyal and friendly. Maybe the reason was that he can’t get along with cats.

Everyone at the shelter adored Jello because he was devoted to all of them.

Many adopters came, stood in front of him, looked at him for a while and without showing any reaction went away. Poor Jello, he was feeling upset.

Although people didn’t pay attention to him, he never changed his attitude towards them and continued to make new companions with everyone.

After working very hard to find a loving family for the cute dog, the staff managed to do it. His adopters are rich and provide Jello with everything he needs. Besides it, they take care of him perfectly and enjoy to spend much time with him.

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