A cute owl, that wasn’t able to fly because of a physical problem

A kind officer was able to catch the owl and take it for an examination 

People saw a bird in the middle of the road, which resembled an owl early in the morning. The bird couldn’t fly because of a physical problem and was passed by moving cars.

Many people called the police to inform about the owl. The officer unnoticeably approached the owl and wrapped the bird in his coat.

To keep the animal silent and keep it from understanding what’s going on, he just covered her head. And also he obscured her legs to keep safe.

The officer placed the owl on the passenger seat, next to the driver’s seat. The owl appeared to be perplexed. She was still amazed, but she didn’t demonstrate it.

Then the owl was take to the animal sanctuary. There the staff examined the animal and assured she was okay. And after some time she will be returned to the nature.

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