The new owners of a cat named her in honour of a well known character

Adorable cat, who fascinated her new family

A small kitten appeared to be happier than ever and for good reason. The sweetie has located a new home and has officially quit the shelter.

And after arriving to her new home the adorable fluffy cat has been admiring and the Internet followers were amazed by her sweetness. A cat named Luke has been leftover being just a few weeks old and is now adopted by a loving family after five months.

The new owners immediately linked with Luke. But there was no other way after just looking at her smile.

And the new owners must consider a name for the cat after adopting it.

But it was an easy task regardless her smile and sweet appearance. They named her in honour of the well known character of Star Wars, Luke. She is as polite, cheerful and sweet as she is and quickly got used to her new life. The cat immediately befriended with her brother and sister.

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