A kitty wanted a secure place to deliver her kittens and showed how good mother she is

Adorable tale showing mothers’ love 

Giselle Yang is volunteering for the rescue foundation. She lives with a kitty named Harry and is very linked to it.

Many kitties looking for help came to Giselle, but Fluff was her beloved one. This orange kitty came to Giselle’s door with hesitation. And as the days passed she was taken care of and started to show her best traits.

Giselle searched the Internet to find the kitten’s owners, but as no one appeared she considered to look after her. And after a few weeks she also found out, that the cat was pregnant.

The mother cat searched for a safe place to have kittens. She has showed, that she is a good mother. She looked after her kittens and fed them for all day.

Giselle also told, that she likes to make it secure by wrapping her paws around it.

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