The rescued dog is impatiently waiting for his owner and never loses hope of seeing him again  

Such an exciting story! 

Once when a puppy was saved and brought to a shelter, the staff was sure that he wasn’t stray, because since the first day of his arrival, he waits for someone, sitting by the window and looking at the passers-by.

It’s obvious that the baby had owners, but there was no information about them.

Later it turned out that his owner had been an old man who had just abandoned the poor animal. The doggy was so upset because he had lost not only his owner, but also a friend for life.

When the canine’s story was shared on social media, thousands of people got excited by it. In that way the staff wanted to find a new family for him.

Finally, some time later, the shelter managed to find his owner after searching for him for almost seven hours, but the man refuses to take him home.

The workers are sure that the sweet animal will find a loving and caring family very soon, who will make him forget his difficult past.

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