“Not different, but absolutely unique!”: Here are the world’s most extraordinary and distinctive women

These unique and distinctive girls gained overall-recognition owing to their look

Now, we will represent you the world’s, perhaps, t most distinctive and absolutely unique representatives of the fair sex who gained overall-recognition owing to their interesting appearance.

Iya Ostergren

It should be noted that Iya’s legs, believe it or not, are actually 166 cm long. Isn’t it hard to imagine? Owing to her absolute uniqueness, Ostergren gained worldwide fame and recognition.


This unique girl with Asian appearance constantly draws everyone’s attention to her. Many fashion agencies are greatly interested in her distinctive appearance.

Sofia Hadjipanteli

Sofia is one of the most popular female representatives possessing such unusually thick and extraordinary-looking eyebrows. Though many simply can’t stand her, she never stop delighting her loyal fans with her uniqueness and unearthly charm.

Molly Bair

Being initially insecure about her unusual and “strange” appearance, Molly had no idea that she would ultimately become one of the most demanded and successful figures in fashion world.

Anastasia Zhidkova

Nastya possesses a stunning and absolutely unique appearance, doesn’t she? She looks literally amazing!

Katelyn Snickles

The rare condition this charming girl now is in, which is known as “cat’s eye syndrome”, didn’t prevent her from becoming a desirable model, the star in a number of great movies and the author of legendary songs.

Cassandra Nout

Once she finally learnt to accept and love herself, absolutely everything has changed both around her and in her mind. She is now completely open-hearted and self-confident.

Sarah Hertz

Regardless of her rare genetic disorder, Hertz strongly refuses to give up and has succeeded in building a drizzling career in the modeling industry.

How did you like these absolutely unique girls?


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