The family who lost their beloved dog is offering a big reward to those who will return their pet

That is great love towards the dog!

Those who have pets at home know how important their role is in the family. They are loyal friends of people and fill their owner’s life with happiness. And the loss of a beloved pet is a terrible thing for every loving owner.

Glacis Peralta and her son Tobias recently shared their heartbreaking story on social media after losing their beloved dog Santino.
Someone had entered their house and had stolen the dog.

They became so sad and depressed and informed everyone that they are even ready to give their car to those, who will return their dog.

The woman is mostly concerned about her son, because he is strongly connected with Santino and after being separated from him, he refuses to eat anything.

The car is their only valuable property, so they are offering it as a reward and are sure that their beloved animal will come back soon.

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