The 12 years old boy decided to help shelter animals find forever homes quickly. What a creative idea!

What a heroic step by this young boy!

We know that there are many animals at shelters, who are waiting for their loving owners and even some of them have lost their hope of being adopted. The most important thing in the world is kindness and each of us must be kind and caring towards these homeless creatures.
Most of all they need human love and care!

Even a little support can change their lives and make them happy.
Our today’s hero, a 12-year-old clever boy named Darius Brown does his best to make shelter animals more attractive. He thinks that in that way they will find forever homes quickly.

He makes stylish bow ties for them and donate them to the shelters exciting not only the workers, but also the whole world.

Good job, Darius! You are a real hero!

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