From living in a nightmare to becoming a cute pet in a new home. Here is the most exciting story ever!

The dog’s courage is really great!

Meet Jack, a rescued pup, who was thrown away from a car and was found in a terrible condition. Two women noticed him lying on the road with many injuries. They immediately took him to the Albany Police Station. There the staff saw that the poor animal’s life was in danger and they couldn’t do anything for him. But here one of the officers named Hill decided to try and he did his best to give the cutie the second chance at life.

The kind man took him to a vet, where he got all the appropriate treatment and began to feel better. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to cure one of his injured legs and it was amputated.

Although now Jack has only three legs, he is so active and playful. He befriends almost everyone and loves to make new companions. Everyone in the family adores him.
He is so cute, yes?

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