“Reunited after 70 years!”: After being apart for 70 years, the emotional reunion of brothers touched absolutely everyone

Being separated for 70 years, twins reunited in a tearful scene

Today’s heroes, grew up without being aware of the fact they had a twin brother. However, in their teenage years, the brothers found out about each other and their lives completely changed.

It is worth mentioning that the twins were born in the territory of Germany to a woman with Polish origins who was obliged to work during the period of the World War Two.

The early years of their lives were tragic and burdensome as their mother became seriously ill in Poland and had to give them to adoptions. As a result, the brothers ended up in two absolutely different families. When it was high time to go to the army, George discovered that he actually had no biological connection with his parents.
After discovering that, George moved to California and was in search of his real family.
And in 2014, Lucian became aware of the fact that his mother was actually not her biological mother. Linking to the Red Cross Family Links, Lucian found out the whereabouts of his brother and was eventually given an opportunity to reunite with him. In 2015, they were fortunate enough to meet each other at the airport, Poland.
Their heart-felt and tearful reunion didn’t let anyone stay indifferent.

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