Most foxes don’t like dogs, but Juniper is an exception. He adores his canine friend most of all

What an unexpected friendship!

Meet Juniper, an adorable fox, who is quite famous for his friendly and kind behaviour. The cutie has a canine friend named Moose, with whom he enjoys his life and they have created a loyal friendship.

These two beauties are inseparable just from the first day of their meeting.

We know that most foxes don’t like dogs and they never befriend with them, but our today’s hero is an exception, because he likes dogs, especially Moose, and has a good relationship with him.
They are together since their childhood and never leave each other’s side.

Although many dogs don’t like Juniper and don’t want to socialise with him, he is a caring and devoted friend, so Moose is so lucky to have such faithful pal next to him.

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