The unlucky cat, that only needed to have a loving family

A strong desire of a cat became reality

Jessica Parker and her fiancé Andy Brumagen went to the shelter to see the animals they fell in love with a big tabby cat.

And when Jessica and Andy went to him he was very sociable and even didn’t allow the girl to go when she wanted to put him down.

“Please take me, I don’t want to live here anymore. I just want to be loved.” the loving cat cuddled and nestled into her.

The young couple named him Clutch, but they were forced to leave the cat there.

Jessica and Andy already had an elderly cat in their house and they considered having another one would be too much.

Happily Clutch’s story had a happy ending.

Jessica just shared her video of hugging Clutch thinking, that it will help him find a loving family.

And she was right. The shelter was full of people, who wanted to adopt him and also there were a lot of applicants waiting to adopt him.

Jessica told: “The magical animal found a new home. The process of adopting began.”

Good job Jessica.

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