Large mother rat dragging a human to show off her baby  

When rats bond with their human fellows, it’s forever.

The clip shows a large rat grabbing her man as well as dragging him to reveal her baby. This tells us how little we know about rats, one of the cleverest pets on the planet.

Rats are very friendly as well as communicative with each other using high-frequency sounds that we cannot hear without tools. They love to play with each other, cuddle and also fight.

Neuroscientist Jackie Pankers reports that when rats play or have fun, they emit a voice that is surprisingly comparable to human hobbies.

“Young rats have an impressive sense of humor,” says the professor.

When rats bond with their human fellows, it’s forever.

Thus, if they are unexpectedly given to another person or left unattended, they too can die of suffering. Just like humans, rats that lack companionship become lonely, anxious, sad, and gloomy.

Oh, and the massive rat we see in the clip is most likely a giant sack. Rats of this type are used in the country to clear mines.

Talk about intelligent beings!

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