These unexpected companions will melt your heart. The dog and the lion are closest companions

One of the weird but, at the same time, thrilling fellowships.

Over the years, I have witnessed many weird but cordial fellowships. The clip below demonstrates one of them. The dog named Honey and the white lion cub Kwanza are the closest companions.

The mother of the lion cub raised her at first, but then she stopped giving milk. That’s why the owners of Kwanza at Darling Downs Zoo, put their hands up.

During her time there, this wonderful cub formed an exceptional connection with the dog Honey. These cute animals are known to spend their time investigating the world, fighting as well as playing with each other.

Kwanza is only four months old, but according to her masters, she is very mighty as well as energetic.

These unexpected companions will melt your heart. In this clip, Kwanza and Honey meet on a date that occurs every day, by the way.

Initially, both of them are very curious about the camera, but then Honey seems to forget about it, she only looks at Kwanzaa.

Kwanza is a wonderful white tigress about the same size as Honey, so she can certainly stand up to this playful dog.

Honey seems to be more curious in the game than the cub, she seems to be particularly curious about the tiger cub’s ears.

It’s great to follow these two uncommon companions playing together. I think they can be friends for life. Check out this exceptional contact in the clip below.

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