Baby pygmy hippo likes to sleep wherever he is  

The imperiled pygmy hippopotamus needs defense.

There are only 2,000 of them left in the world. Luckily, the aquarium in Osaka, Japan is helping to grow its population.

Not so long ago, Tam Tam has been added to the number of pygmy hippos. This is an amazing ball that is fond of being in the water. According to his in-law, he likes to sleep everywhere.

Tam can be noticed sleeping by the pool, on the floor, or even on the grass. It was midnight when he was born without obstacles.

At birth, his weight was only 6.4 kg. Pygmy hippos are tiny. Within a month, it was easy to bathe him, lying in the palm of your hand.

When Tam Tam was three months old, he started brushing his teeth. He opened his mouth wide in order to show his guardians how many teeth he had.

Tam Tam likes to go to the pool with his mom. He is still so tiny that his entire body remains underwater when he walks through the pool.

Tam Tam became powerful as well as healthy. He has been working on his swimming skills and is able to keep his head above the water. In more than a year, he gained over 100 kg in weight.

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