Mom asks her dog if he fell on the floor, Husky carries on listening to her

Dogs are well-trained to go outdoors when nature calls, but from time to time, accidents occur.

You can do everything possible to take them outside or walk them whenever you can, but there are periods when you have to leave them at home alone for a few hours.

Follow as Zs. Husky makes an attempt to hide the situation when faced with a mess on the floor.

Did you fall to the ground today? -the mother asks her dog. He screams in objection, but his behavior is as sinful as I have ever met.

Did you think you were mad or was it actually an accident? Seemingly, Zs is known for intentionally returning to his mother on the carpet.

Husky’s biggest response comes when his mother calls him a bad dog. Zs really takes it to heart and listens to his mother.

You can blame him all you want for pooping on the floor but never go so far as to call him a bad dog. He is annoyed at this rebuke.

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