The family was so surprised to see an uninvited guest in their cat’s bed. It’s really amazing!

What a strange guest!

One day the Scottish SPCA received a call from a family who informed them of an uninvited guest found in their cat’s bed. It was a badger who had found a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

The wild animal had already eaten all the food of the catty, and after it he decided to have a nap without expecting that the owners of the house, especially the cat wouldn’t be so happy for his visit.

The owners tried to move him, which was so unpleasant for the animal, but when he saw that the back door was open, he ran away.

In fact, badgers are considered dangerous and can harm people like all wild animals. So, if you see a badger, be very careful and don’t approach it, because it might attack you. In such a situation, call special organisations.

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