Dog toys keep vanishing and the culprit caught on camera

That’s who was behind all this.

Sancho Panza frequently leaves his toys in the yard, but these toys have vanished in recent days. Sancho’s father, Brian Chisholm, couldn’t suppose what was occurring.

And then they detected a huge stack of dog toys in the field…

“My dog ​​runs out of toys every morning,” the heading to the clip reads. But who could do it? Brian made up his mind to set up a camera in order to discover conclusively.

Coyote! This guy not only took the toys from the yard but had fun with them as well. It’s very analogous to our pets, right?

After all, no damage, no foul. And although sharing them is difficult, they take their toys away every morning for storage. The coyote hasn’t shown up for the previous few nights.

But what a story he will tell!

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