A difficult childbirth: Only one kitten survived

The young cat became a perfect mother for her baby

Sean’s tabby cat was taken to the shelter for demolition. She was just eight months old and childbirth is going to be very hard.

The cat needed to have cesarean section and only one kitten was saved by the doctors. The kitten started to scream loudly after being born.

The kitten’s name was Shane and he had a big desire to live. Nothing seemed to be preventing him from fighting!

A volunteer named Susie took the mother and her kitten for overexposure. The fluffy animals can rest and enjoy their calm surroundings.

Suzy considered, that Shauna is a perfect mother, despite her young age. Susie helped the mother cat bottle feed her baby from time to time. The kitten adored and purred with joy.

The cat was very thin when she was rescued, but she started to round up slowly. Good care and delicious meals did their job.

Mother and son have very different personalities. For example, Shauna is very silent, while Shane is a talkative one.

Susie told: “When he isn’t eating or sleeping, he purrs, squeaks and mumbles all the time.”

Active Shane was able to survive and become a healthy and strong kitten. When he will reach the appropriate age he is castrated and they will be placed in good hands.

We wish Shauna and Shane stay healthy and safe and have amazing owners.

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