The new resident of a cowshed: A rescue cat decided to live with calves

A difficult cat, that doesn’t like to contact with people

The cat named Daisy dislikes humans, because she was leftover twice.

Daisy was taken to the RSPCA as a kitten, but four weeks later she returned.

She not only dislikes humans, but also can’t tolerate other cats, so her both owners considered her too harsh to live with.

Happily a farmer named Ruth Grice decided to adopt her.

And she was adopted by Ruth’s heifers and even sleeps in the hay with them.

Ruth explained: “She’s found a warm place in the shed and is happy.”

She got used to out house so quickly and we are happy we took her.”

Ruth told, that they knew everything about Daisy and didn’t force her having contact with humans.

Daisy’s first meeting with calves was amazing, she smelled them and they greeted her and now they’re good friends.

Daisy’s difficult behaviour would have made it difficult to find a home for her if it hadn’t been for Ruth.

The manager of the shelter told: “Cats like humans have their special needs and personalities.”

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