The cheetah cub needed someone to keep company with, and zookeepers made the best choice  

What an amazing companion!

Meet Kumbali, a baby cheetah, who was the runt of his litter and didn’t get much milk from his mom, so the zookeepers at the Metro Richmond Zoo decided to take care about the cutie themselves. They began to feed him with bottle and after some time, the baby became quite strong.

Cheetahs are friendly and sociable creatures, so they enjoy making new companions with others. And Kumbali wasn’t an exception, so the staff decided to introduce Kago, a cute dog, to him.

The two beauties became inseparable just from the first they of their meeting, and now they both feel great and can share the best moments of their lives together.

Watch the amazing video of these cuties’ friendship and share your own opinion in the comments.

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