“What an incredible body transformation!”: Weighing 700 lbs, she left everyone speechless with her body changes

With her phenomenal body transformation, Amber Rusty amazed the world

Today, fortunately, Rusty can hardly recall that once she looked this way.

Here you can see Amber Rusty from America who, believe it or not, weighed 750 lbs a couple of years ago, whereas now she has become totally unrecognizable. Rusty’s legs looked rather strange and unhealthy since they were too fatty and with cellulite.

It should be noted that the poor girl could hardly walk independently. For her fantastic transformation, Rusty, for the most part, owes Rudy, a man who came into Amber’s life and helped her a lot completely change her lifestyle, become much healthier and gain confidence becoming the best version of herself.

Instead of criticizing Amber, Rudy never ceased to always be by her side, stand up for the girl and support her.

However, once Rusty started to gradually lose weight and look better, Rudy suddenly left the girl without any explanation.

Thanks to her determination and strong will-power, Amber successfully managed to lose a lot of weight and is now utterly impossible to recognize. Amber does her best to always keep a healthy diet, take up sports and stay stimulated.

She showed the entire world that nothing is beyond possibility and one simply needs to find enough courage and motivation to fix what he or she is not satisfied with or that the problem significantly affects his or her health.

Amber soon got over the terrible breakup clearly realizing that she actually didn’t need such a person in her life.

Though it wasn’t easy for her to start a completely new stage, Amber, anyway, managed to do so.

She has even participated in reality shows and now astonishes the entire world with her cardinal transformation.

Amber won’t return to her previous body shape at any cost, as she claims.

Rusty is really proud of herself and keeps encouraging others not to ever give up.


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