Their companionship will last a lifetime. The little boy wants to try the dog bed, so his fellow helps him  

As soon as we think about our dogs, we feel better.

We are fond of our dogs we will do anything for them.

From the moment we bring them home, we treat them like a family member, expecting everyone to do the same.

Dogs are wonderful pets. They are quite intelligent as well as fully dedicated to us. In case you have a pet dog, you will always have the closest companion who will love you unconditionally, regardless of the situation or circumstances.

In this clip, you will get to know Leah. Leah – Rhodesian Ridgeback; she loves and is quite defensive of her new tiny companion named Alfred.

In the clip, Alfred is just a tiny child who is more than curious, when he saw Leah’s bed, he just knew he had to go and check on it.

While Alfred was attempting to get into Leah’s bed, Leah just lay down next to him to make sure she wasn’t hurt. Dear Leah once even removed her covering to make life easier for tiny Alfred.

Their companionship will last a lifetime. This clip is incredibly cute.

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