The latest appearance of prominent actor Pierre Richard with crutches raised questions on the web

Paparazzi caught senior Pierre Richard at 87 who hardly walked with crutches

Since the praiseworthy actor with French origins happens to appear in public rather rarely, his latest appearance didn’t let any single one stay indifferent.

The whole thing is that the legendary actor has spent most of his time at home alongside with his family members and relatives for a long period of time flatly refusing to go out due to his serious health condition.

To say that thousands were astonished to see the French actor hardly walk is nothing to say. People were amazed seeing the great man in such a terrible condition.

A number of witnesses in public were shocked seeing the iconic actor with crutches and regrettably claimed that he lost his charm and charisma.

Millions show their great acknowledgement to the French actor for his brilliant roles and unique place in the French film industry.

Have you ever watched films starred by him?

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