Would you live here? In 6 months, the bus turned into a dream house    

The woman bought her future home for next to nothing.

Our today’s heroine’s name is Jessie. The woman did not have enough money for her own flat. Desperate at last, Jessie unexpectedly turned her attention to the parking lot of decommissioned buses.

Not all of them were in a bad state. The woman purchased her future home for next to nothing. From the old car, the workers left only the frame, repainting it in bright colors.

They skillfully separated the space into three parts: kitchen, living room as well as a bedroom. Definitely, Jesse remembered about the bathroom as well.

Today a woman can travel in her garage. The heroine of our post admitted that she used to think about purchasing an apartment.

Today Jessie cannot imagine her life without motion. How do you like the alteration of the old bus?

I think it turned out great, how about you?

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