“Unrecognizable after visiting a beauty salon”: 16 women who radically changed thanks to a makeup artist

When the master did his job, these unkempt housewives became unrecognizable

It is highly individualistic and subjective whether or not to use the service of makeup artists as a number of girls and women, and, sometimes even guys nowadays, prefer to daily put on makeup, whereas the others are strongly against it prioritizing the natural look. Those, who are fond of makeup yet are not really good at it, can simply visit a beauty salon and ask makeup artists to transform them. And today’s phenomenal works done by Pavel Kondrashin, a talented makeup artist, can leave everyone speechless. He seems to possess magical hands and is able to transform unkempt and ordinary housewives into stunning ladies.

An amazing transformation!

The gifted man shows that every single one of us can look much more attractive than we do now.

As the master mentions, there was no client who left the beauty salon unsatisfied or upset until today.

Galina at 71 is now hard to recognize!

The blue eye shadows seemingly gave her more charm and femininity. Now she looks much younger than she actually is.

What an incredible look!

This is what makeup can actually do!

How beautiful and charming Vera looks here!

Perhaps, she herself had no idea that she could look this much gorgeous and impeccable.

How stunning she is!

Arina’s incredible transformation!

Good job!

The elderly women sometimes need to feel themselves beautiful as well.

Shiny eyes and flawless look!

The makeup artist definitely has magical hands!

Like two absolutely different girls

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