“The union of a 19-year-old girl and a 60-year-old man”: These non-standard spouses left everyone speechless

You’ll be surprised knowing that this 19-year-old girl married a 60-year-old man

In 2020, this elderly man and a 19-year-old girl met each other for the first time and, believe it or not, they are now enjoying their marital life. It still remains obscure what they actually found in each other as the huge difference in their age could easily prevent them from forming a relationship.

It should be mentioned that the son-in-law of Kevin is even younger than Audrey’s parents. What is most interesting, Audrey’s family rushed to called the police once they saw Kevin with their daughter for the first time.

The 19-year-old lady’s relatives were strongly against their union, whereas they failed to prevent their marriage. Last year, the absolutely unique couple legalized their relationship and are now dreaming of a comfy home, a lot of pets and children.

It is worth noting that the pensioner has his own children from his first marriage who are already adult and completely accept their father’s choice.

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