“The result will amaze you!”: What happened when the mother of two wanted to transform their old fridge

This is what happened when this woman transformed and painted their fridge

Harriet is a caring and devoted mother of two who got really tired of their fridge which looked rather boring and unfashionable, that’s why she determined to radically change it. A brilliant and original idea came into her mind and now Harriet’s family is definitely aware of what menu they are going to be offered.

The creative woman mentioned that as the fridge was purchased long ago, it looked boring and uninteresting. Whereas it still worked well and there was no need to throw it away. Harriet decided to paint the body with slate paint in order to write down on it what meals would be waiting for them.

For all the required materials, Harriet spent about 10 pounds. The paint, the brushes and special markers were obtained via the online shops. She was really proud of the original result.

It took her a few hours for the whole transformation and the fantastic and creative design was ready. She assured that absolutely everyone can do this without any effort. After the first layer dried, she painted once again so that it looked much better.

Harriet decided to share the result with network users giving them a fantastic idea for a transformation. This hasn’t anyhow affected the work of the fridge. Some shared that it was a brilliant idea and some were even eager to accept the challenge and transform their fridges as well. A number of netizens claimed that the result they got in real life was much better than that of in photos.

As Harriet claims, creativity is sometimes the only thing needed for phenomenal results. One doesn’t have to have much money and materials.

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