“A matter of destiny”: The chance that this newborn would be born on that very day was one in 48 million

This unique baby was born on the same day as his mother and grandmother were

“Are you kidding me?”- was the answer of the director of the hospital where this unique newborn was born. Are you wondering how and why the phenomenal story of this newborn became a sensation leaving absolutely everyone speechless?

The mother of the newborn, Kirsten Moreno, actually hadn’t done anything deliberately and the process of her delivering the baby was due to nature. The newborn was born on time and was absolutely healthy. The day he was born was the 6th of February as that of his mother and the grandmother. Was that a matter of fate or simply a coincident?

According to the scientific statistics, such a coincident could happen 1 in 48 million, which is something out of this world. It should be noted that the grandmother was, in fact, the happiest to learnt the great news.

In order to congratulate the adorable newborn on his birthday, the hospital administration gifted the family a delicious huge cake.

A kind of a magic!

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